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A Condensed, Chronological Journey through the Bible!

Discover How You are Part of God’s Story!

Study the Story:


As you read Chapter 6 of The Story during the week, the account of the Israelite’s wandering helps us understand God’s love and protection despite bad attitudes and actions. 



1. It’s been said that we need to learn from our mistakes or we are doomed to repeat them.  What are some ways that you see your own behaviors and attitudes in those of the Israelites? 




     2.  Why do you think Caleb and Joshua were able to see things from a different perspective than the other 1o spies?





     3.   Why do you believe Moses struck the rock at Meribah  instead of simply obeying what God asked him to do?  Why was this so serious to God?




     4.  What are some of the miraculous ways God continues to provide for his people? 





       Share the Story:

       One day around a meal or your dinner table, have an intentional conversation about Exodus 32:11. Read that verse.  Use the following questions for discussion:

                        What do we know about God’s heart for us — even when we do things that make him unhappy?



       Very Important Passage:

       Exodus 32:11 ~ “But Moses sought the favor of the LORD, his God, ‘Lord,’ he said, ‘why should your anger burn against your people whom you brought out of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand?’”