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Study the Story

Chapter 21 completes The Story account of the Old Testament.   For the next several weeks we will review what we have learned so far as we also focus on the characters involved in the story of our Savior’s birth as we prepare for the Advent and Christmas season.  What follows are some review  questions that cover what we learned this week:



1. What was Ezra’s main role in leading the people to rebuild Jerusalem?

A.  Commander of the army

B.  Chief builder of the temple

C.  Priest and teacher.

D.  Chief builder of the walls.



2.  What was Nehemiah’s strategy for defending the city against attack?

A.  He trained an army as his first priority.

B.  He stationed the people by families along the wall.

C.  He made an alliance with the Samaritans.

D. He posted signs stating that Persia’s king was protecting the city.



3. What does Malachi say we are doing when we withhold generous offerings and gifts from God?

       A.  We are being greedy.

       B.  We are acting selfish.

       C.  We are being practical.

        D.  We are robbing God.



     Share the Story:

One day around a meal or your dinner table, discuss  three new insights or discoveries  from your reading and study of the Old Testament since we began back in June. 



Answer Key: 1. C,  2. B,  3. D